Sunday, 14 October 2012

4 star personal skills ... rough water handling

The day was focused on increasing Rebecca's personal skills, rough water handling, leadership positioning, rescues and confidence.  After a good chat, planning and coffee we headed off to Cemylm to look for some rough water.  It was a f3 NW forecast and we were approaching springs, so i was keen for some wind against time as we were on the ebb, to provide the appropriate conditions

It was a cold day to begin with, so be both wrapped up.  loads of eddy turns, looking around, dropping gears so as to accelerate through an area and me emphasising my position and why.

The venue was great and as one channel got slower, another outer channel became spot on and usable. Working with ferry glides, adjusting position and using transits.  As we crossed the channel for a 4th time we then did a rocky landing on the far side, which had more swell kicking in.

After lunch, rolling, assisted rescues like the ladder rescue and use of the towline. Contact tows and use of a short line.  We discussed use of the group, and the essential element and ideal of the leader keeping an overview, not being drawn in.  We then headed up the flow, were Rebecca, clipped a line on me to keep me into flow as we moved back into the bay.   Some fun and balance and the eventful self rescue, finished the practical work, before heading of for a table, drink, refection and the creation of a workable action plan.  A great day ... with some welcomed Autumn sunshine ....

roger chandler

4 star leader personal skills
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