Thursday, 11 October 2012

Discover Autumn sunshine - sea kayaking course

With four people continuing on with the 2nd day and a further calm and even better blue sky promised, Treaddour Bay was our destination, with the plan of paddling to Rhoscolyn head and exploring arches, gullies and caves, using outside/inside turns and draw strokes  as we made our way along the coast.

At the white arch their was a fair swell, with an occasional big set, which bounced off the back wall, so only the arch way was used and provided a good introduction to the rise and fall of the sea ...

I looked at the black arch and a couple of other gullies but it was more like playing Russian roulette, with timing so we paddled on and round Rhoscolyn Head.

The cave was great and with enough swell to make it exciting, but not to much to make it risky ...

Sadly at one of the small beaches a Guilimot had come to a horrid end, with a 4 beer can  plastic holder stuck round what was left of its neck ... another good reason to ensure these rings are cut when thrown away and odd bits of fishing line and plastic are picked up as we come across them.  This has also been the push I need as over the winter I will be writing an environmental policy for Coastal Spirit.

As we paddled back round enjoying the swell, we saw this fella, on a giant hamster wheel, with a safety boat near by on his way to Ireland.  He was unfortunate and his wheel sunk at 0300 in the morning but he was ok and picked up by his safety boat.

We finished the day with some fun and balance, and general messing about in boats ...Mark above working with doing a 360 on his kayak!!

Super weekend made by the people and the lovely sunny and calm weather ... Discover and Introductory sea kayaking courses will begin again towards the end of April 2013.

Happy paddling ...

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