Monday, 1 October 2012

Just for you - Bespoke sea kayaking

Al and Briggett were over for a few days from Switzerland and the main focus was working with Briggett and developing her forward paddling, to be more effective.

We began with an hour in the cafe, discussing over a coffee, the best venue and clarifying what they both wanted.  Then looking at a video clip on effective forward paddling, to break down the elements, before we got on the water.

The Straits were perfect, some wind, some flow and and good tide to take us through into the Swellies and then the flood tide to bring us back. 

Moving into the main channel and flow, with a small amount f wind against tide ...

Making the most of one of the sheltered areas ...

Under Menai Bridge and working with eddy turns ...

Briggett generating good forward power ....

And really beginning to commit to a lean

Al exploring and enjoying the gentle flow ....

We paddled on down to Plas Newedd, National Trust property and then turned and worked the gentle wind, and the last of the ebb against us, with outside edged turns and forward sweeps and stern rudders, to control the kayaks.  As we headed back to the start, we reflected on the day and the good results.

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