Friday, 26 October 2012

Essentials Kayak Festival + 4* Leader Training Sea

What an impressive, well organised event and stunning weather to match.  With over 130 any thing could happen but from my perspective, as a coach and leader working on the event all was smooth and flowed well.

Personally I feel having the potential to book and chose work shops before the event was a great way to  ensure wants and needs were met and no frantic activity, with people trying to get their name down on the trip/session they want.  The preparation before hand seemed to be well worth it.

So on the Saturday I had a group of 3/4 star paddlers on boat handling.   My aim was to increase awareness about the BODY, through trimming, pressure transfer and rotation (looking were your wanting to go, with your shoulders).  Rhoscolyn was my location.

That night saw Justine present about Barry and her paddle round Tierra del Fuego.  A super and raw account of the journeys highs, lows and successful conclusion.

Sunday I was delivering Incident Management for 4/5 star paddlers and it was sunny ... wow, how good was that!   Carmell head had a chunky swell, and gave us all something to keep an eye on ...

Sunday eve Marcus retold us about various paddling adventures and again highs, lows, epics and survival.  Another super insight into wild places, risk and the rawness of it all.

Monday I was delivering an Intro to Surfing and after working on progressions in Rhoscolyn Bay, we headed out to the beacon ... not much to surf ...Silver Bay, what was there was small and dumping ... Cymram Bay, whoop, whoop 2ft!!  

Tuesday saw the start of BCU courses and I was delivering the Coastal Navigation and Tidal Planning (CNTP) course.  Eight people, from Norway, Denmark, South America and UK.  Which proved to be the biggest group i have work up to now and with the biggest breath of language ...

Wednesday saw the start of the 4 star leader training -sea, with Mark and my self.  We set out the scene and headed off, in our two groups with a good forecast of F4/5 NE and ideal for the personal skills day.
North coast for me, with some flow close in, but more swell and confused seas.  Loads of rescues, towing, more towing and even more towing .... 

I also talked through and demonstrated leadership and  effective positioning ....

The last day was focused on navigation, leadership and scenarios.  I think of this like spinning 5 plates on canes and having to attend to them all at various times.  looked at kit and equipment and its suitability, before heading back to reflect on the course and individual action planning, over a coffee.

My thanks to the Essentials Kayak Festival Team for their hard work, enthusiasm and commitment to making it a top event ... and hoping it will be back next year!!


sea kayak festival
4 star leader training sea

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