Monday, 1 October 2012

Surf, sunshine and a windy day - Bespoke sea kayak

With Sundays forecast at F6-8 and heavy rain id cancelled the day. Saturday was F4/5, NW and Keith was on for a bespoke day of 1:2:1 coaching and doing some work in wind, swell and surf, made so much sense.

Trearddour Bay was perfect, enough shelter as the wind was more F3/4 and some good steep waves, that were a good working with size. 

Once out through the surf we did a couple of runs across the bay, allowing the wind to assist on our turns and running down wind with the swell.  We did this a couple of times.

As Keith began to feel more comfortable in his new kayak, I then moved to the beach and got a bigger lens out ... we talked through leaning forward as you approach a wave with speed (to anchor the bow) and punch through, while also reaching forward and planting the paddle to gain a grip, with forward momentum.

Keith certainly had some good opportunities to feel what his kayak was like ....

Getting a fast diagonal run in ...

Top day and a couple of really good runs, with one in particular (shot above).  Good control was demonstrated with time taken on the wave, to make minor adjustments.

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