Thursday, 11 October 2012

A taste of Autumn sunshine

With the last sea kayaking Taster day and Discover sea kayaking weekend of the year, it was so great to have a magic forecast of light winds and sunshine.  After meeting the six people, having a coffee and a chat, we headed off to Moelfre on the East coast of Anglesey.

Paul on the left, and then Sarah and Jess going through a dry land assisted rescue.

The light was great and the surface super. We focused on the key skills of turning and controlling the kayak using outside edge. We explored the use of BODY, with posture change, pressure, squeezing and tension, considering how this in turn effects the Boat and the use of the paddle.  The emphasis needs to begin with the BODY, Boat and then the blade.

We then started to put these skills into a journey and paddled off down the coast, for a new venue -Daniel  above.

At our 2nd break and soaking up the sunshine, before our return paddle were I covered effective forward paddling, emphasising rotating round your spine, while keeping your paddle forward and out front.

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