Sunday, 28 October 2012

Advanced sea kayaking - 5 star sea leader assessment

Firstly a BIG thanks to Sid who was directing this 5 star assessment, for sharing his thought process and making elements transparent and PYB for the opportunity in the first place.

I'm not going to be specific, cause its been a long week ...  1.5 hour open water navigation and tidal planning exercise, then to the coast, for short nav legs, leadership, rocky landings, rolling, self rescue, towing, surfing and assisted rescues in advanced conditions ...all made up the first day

Then it was 2-3 hours night navigation and leadership ...looking back at Penrhyn Mawr

Sunday was the navigation and group leadership day, and Olly Sanders was the 2nd assessor. With a F5-7 W (NW-SW) forecast the north coast was chosen, with a journey from Bull Bay round point Lynas while it was on the ebb and then back round into Porth Eilean.

This was in two small groups with unknown paddlers to be led (4 star ability +) ... a short shuttle and we were all soon on the water ...

East Mouse and some confused water ...

Rachel getting some action ....

First time in a tide race ...  + loving it ...

roger chandler

advanced sea kayaking
5 star sea kayak assessment/training 

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  1. This blog post was linked from the Sea Kayak Wales news page . Looks like demanding exercises - enjoyable despite the exam pressure.