Monday, 1 October 2012

A windy week - IntroMediate sea kayaking

John and Keith were back for another 4 days sea kayaking and I like to thank Barry once more for stepping up and working the whole course to allow my chest infection to improve and move closer to full recovery.

Now the week was wet and windy expect for friday when the sun did show its self. so both did extremely well, in making something of the week.

The course aims to introduce individuals to swell, wind, current, and small surf.  Conditions that are likely to be discovered around the UK coastline and working through the techniques used in these conditions.

John on the left and Keith on the right and I believe the car was on the slip way, and the hand brake wasn't on/failed ....

John under Britannia Bridge ....

 Moelfre on the East coast ...

Back to the Straits ....

A week finished, with smiles and enjoying the sunshine.

roger chandler

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