Sunday, 17 July 2011

Bespoke sea kayaking - Discover to Improve - 5 days, North Wales sea kayaking

Bespoke sea kayaking and a private course for Diana, Steven, Eloise and Matt and what super weather we had!

Day 1: A journey down on the Llyn, from Trevor and working in the bay and then along the coast, in and out of the rocks, getting a good view of the sea birds.

A break before moving further along

Then the cliffs begin to get bigger and more dramatic!

Day 2: Anglesey and Treadour bay and a gentle mobility session led by Sonja, before working and embedding further in side and out side turns

With Eli and Matt, taking turns to led as along the rock shore in and out of various channels

Some lunch and then deep water rescues, before returning to our start

Day 3: Rhoscolyn - some mobility work on the water and then with draw strokes, adding to turns. This was also a good opportunity for a gentle intro to paddling in current and crossing current and also popping into a BIG cave

With current we tend to find seals and as we were at low water, a great opportunity to see some of the seals

Day 4: Puffin Island and the puffins were out, which was just great as it was a 1st for Diana and then the seals, just great!

Super sunny blue sky day, on the South side

After some lunch on the island we had an exciting run back, through and across the sound. Sonja then worked with Diana and Steven, as they were keen to go back through deep water rescues and have a go at a self rescue. I took Eli and Matt back into the sound for some more rough water, with eddy turns and ferry glides and each of them taking a turn in leading across the sound.
Matt finishing off with a stern dip!

Day 5: As the wind was f4/5 we went to the Menai Straits, just a 5 minute walk from the boat yard and a short paddle into one of the lagoons. Diana demonstrating a cross deck bow rudder

Some of the local inhabitants ... Oyster Catchers

Then after a break and following the fastest flow having passed through, we paddled into the Swellies the section of water between the bridges, to experience more confused water, building on the previous days work. Due to the main current, the eddy flows one way and then the other, beginning to relax and going with the flow and then correcting, is part of what its about. A ferry glide back across and then a paddle back to the boat yard.

The week was finished off, with hot chocolates and coffees looking back at the photos over a super week of weather. Big thanks to Sonja who was able to join us, this week.

Sea kayaking courses for all abilities - North Wales, Anglesey. For further information:
07873 132999

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