Saturday, 23 July 2011

Improve + Puffin Island, Anglesey - Sea kayaking North Wales

This was day 3 for Alan, Ben and Katie and Puffin Island was our destination. Its one of my top trips, each time its so varied and has a little of every thing, with currents, calm and rough water, steep beaches and rocky ledges to practice landing on and not forgetting the super wild life.

We got on a low water, and as the current began to flood, we had wind with tide.

The north bay had some swell, and both Katie and Ben had a go at self launching through some surf.

On the North side of the Island the reflective waves, provided some excitement for a moment or to, before settling down again.

A young Shag, making the most of the sun!

After passing the main bunch of seals we then came closer in and had a super time with 3 seals which were so easy going and just posing for the camera and us.

How good is that!

They followed us up to the beach and one even came out to sun on the rocks close to our kayaks.

Ben and Katie then had the task to get us back across. The current was now faster and allowed a useful opportunity to put into practice their ferry glides and work out the changing angle required to cross the flow. Puffin sound is super for this task as there are many potential markers which can be used as transits.

Alan with a successful back deck round the world.

Katie, Alan, Ben and myself after a super day on the water.

North Wales Sea Kayaking courses.

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