Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Discover Expeditioning - North Wales sea kayaking

Trevor and the Llyn was our destination for the two days with a super forecast and an over night wild camp. This was Johns 2nd weekend, having been earlier in the year, and we were unable to deliver a wild camp due to a windy Sat night, so we were both extremely pleased with the forecast of light winds, sunshine and blue skies. Enjoy the photos ...

One of the caves/arches at the start of the trip.

One of those lovely narrow channels and Catherine, paddling through.

The coast line then opens up and it all gets bigger ...

After a break on the beach we then paddled on to Penrhyn Glas and the supper sea bird nesting colonies and an option was to turn and paddle back and set up camp or to paddle on to Porth Dinllaen, before getting the flood tide to assist us back up the coast.

The sea was amazing, with great clarity.

Lucy and Anglesey in the back ground.

James, on the return having ago at trailing some feathers .. no luck this time !

Camp and boats below, with just enough room and time to watch the sun go down.

Yet it was that good!
Cant ask for a better view and location ...
Even time for stir fry and woks, nice 1!

Then it was time for a beach driftwood fire, to wrap up the evening.

Next morning was as good as the forecast had said and after breakfasts and packing kit into the sea kayaks, we did a 20 minute mobility and stretching session, before launching and beginning our return journey.

One of the larger and narrower caves.

Time for a swim, Andy thought!!

Back at Trevor, boats were unloaded and kit packed into cars, lunch eaten before going back afloat for some fun and balance ... see other blog for photos!
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