Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Sea kayaking courses North Wales - Halifax Canoe Club

The weekend started off windy and as there was some experience across the group a down wind journey from the main land and through the Swellies on the Menai Straits was the choice.

It provide a good opportunity to work with stern rudders, edge control and use of the skeg.
One of the breaks and opportunity for all to meet up again.

In the Swellies on a fairly neap tide.
Some work on eddy turns and ferry glides.

Day two and the night had been very windy, so there was some swell pushing about and a longer journey on the Straits, with blue skies was todays option.

Moving kit and getting ready to do a shuttle.

In Caernarfon to see the castle and a crafty ice cream stop!

A break at were we got on the previous day.

back into the Swellies, and more inviting with emerald green seas.

Thanks to Mark and bringing together a group for a weekends sea kayaking, along the coast of Anglesey. It was great seeing some familiar faces and some new ones and thanks to Barry for work with us over the weekend.

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