Sunday, 31 July 2011

North Wales sea kayaking courses - Improve ( intro-mediate)

With a super sunny and calm forecast, Bull Bay - Cemais was the journey, with the aim of being effective with turning strokes and emphasis on moving in and out of current.

As we were at high water we soon got stuck into a cave, working on those reverse strokes, which we tend to use one in a while!

A little further on and then another bigger cave, with super clarity and light... Becky leading out

Tess, was demoing a boat she had arranged to hire from Pete Barrs www.summit to, (pilgrim expedition)

After some lunch at the brick works, we paddled into hells mouth and then on to the North point of Anglesey and did some eddy turns and introduced for some the concept and practice with a ferry glide. Super light and colour as we then began our paddle out to Middle Mouse.

Back in the bay and an opportunity to mess about ... and cool off ... Richard keeping it together!

Sunday was a windier day, f3/4 and much cooler, so into Treadour Bay and working with the swell, making turns in the wind and swell and then running down wind. Sally with Frank in the back ground!

Zoe working with some swell and Sonja

Frank taking his Delphin for a ride!

The weekend provide a real mix of conditions, providing good learning opportunities and with super company!

Big thanks to Sonja for her help and in-particular, working through deep water rescues and back deck self rescues with Tess and Becky.

North Wales sea kayaking

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