Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Sea kayaking courses - observation of a 5* sea training course

Day 3 and with Olly having given them the plan the night before, we met at 0815 for a briefing before packing the van and a drive to Abereiddy. North Bishop was the plan and then back to the west side of Ramsey Island, and a crossing of Ramsey sound and then on for a pick up at Porth Clais. Id been out there once before and managed to leave from Porth Clais and cross to South Bishop, the clerks and then North Bishop, before returning via Ramsey sound, a sneak through the Bitches and then bak to Porth Clais. We had hit 5 may be 6 tide races, so I was quite excited, about the prospect.

Two of the group went with Olly who dropped down on the island while, I went with the other two and we did a ferry glide on a bearing (calculated before hand) and adjusted using transits as we crossed, from St Davids Head. Seals greeted us and after rocky landing, a brief break was taken.

The boys heading out, before being shot out like bullets, down the sound.

Couldn't resist a 5 minute play, the front few waves were super, steep enough and fast.

Midland gap at the Southern end of Ramsey island, after an exciting and fast ferry glides and a run through a number of races.

Nige then met us at Porth Clais, and drove us back to Sea kayak guides, base so that showers and action plans could be completed.

Super few days, amazing weather and enough swell to put an exciting edge on it all. Big thanks to Olly for letting me observe and assist over the three days and also to Nige and Fran for their hospitality.

If your ever down this way and you want to got out for a paddle contact Nige and see what he has on offer www.seakaykguides.co.uk

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