Tuesday, 5 July 2011

sea kayaking courses - observation of a 5* sea training course

Day 1 was Ramsey Island, from Whitesands and finishing with some personal skills on the Bitches ... yet I didn't have my camera.

Day 2 of a 5 star leader training course and Skomer Island was the choice. For those of you who know Puffin Island, off the East coast of Anglesey, Skomer was once described to me as being similar, but on steroids. It never disappoints, the wild life is every where, its diamond shape so you will have current (back eddies, which can be strong) against you and there is only one landing as its a protected island.
Taking some surf, with wind against tide on the North coast and the Garland Stone.

With a F4 wind against tide it made it all quite interesting!

Hey these guys were every where, and bring a small to my face every time!

After a good paddle around the Island we came back around and landed on the North side and was greeted by a young a curious seal.
We crossed back, and while at Jack Sound, did a number of capsizes and rescues, considering the various applications, before returning to our starting point.

The last time I was here was with Di and Paul, on our paddle around Wales and it was very brief as Paul led us through Jack Sound and then Di took over across the St Brides bay, one of the top days and id say top 5 days everrrr!

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