Friday, 8 July 2011

North Wales Discover + Improve sea kayaking

With Chris, Richard and Joe, a mix of previous experience existed, and with a strong SW wind forecast, the North coast offered some shelter and gentle current to get a feel for the kayaks. We paddled to Amlech and had some lunch and then kept further out on our return journey as the guys were managing fine and this offered more challenging conditions.

Back in the bay with the sun, we did some fun & balance, as Richard had expressed he was keen to go over deep water rescues and have ago at a self rescue.

Point of no return ...
All 3 really had a go and managed to self rescue, a super end to the first day.

The 2nd day we were on the Menai Straits and a journey, from Y Felinheli to Menai Bridge and talk about the weather, three seasons in one day. Very warm at the start and little wind, despite forecast F4/5 and then ...

rain and a drop in temperature

We worked on ferry glides and eddy turns, using the term SPANGLE ... Speed and Angle, essential to both tasks to be most effective and successful.

Then it really did come down, and it was almost like hail!

Well done to the 3 of you, for applying themselves and it was good to see Chris again, nice 1 guys!

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