Tuesday, 12 July 2011

North Wales sea kayaking - Discover, day 2

We set off from Bull Bay, just as the world seemed to be descending on the area, as couple of more cars & vans turned up with sea kayaks on there roofs and crews for two gigs.

We refreshed skills in the bay and did some early paddling close to the shore and in and out of channels, before heading around the headland.

Putting the previous days turning skills into narrower and specific application.

Arrival at Borthwen and some swimming for 80% of the group ... i sat and continued to eat my lunch ...

Then a short paddle around the headland and into the bay of Hells Mouth, with a gentle introduction to current, tidal waters and steeper cliffs. We greeted early by a peregrine falcon and then latter by a sighting of two porpoises out in the channel, happy days!

Some further close quartering and good positioning by Joyce.

Returning back to Borthwen on the conveyor belt of the tide, with middle mouse island in the back ground.

Back in the bay and some balance games, showing the good stability of the sea kayaks

Some great determination and a successful self rescue!

Really pushing out with a back deck balance ..

... for a moment !

Another super weekend, with Joyce, Alison, Micaela, Rob and Liz, Discovering an Introduction to sea kayaking and a wetting of appetites for the future!


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