Saturday, 23 July 2011

xplore - intermediate sea kayaking, North Wales, Anglesey

With a NE forecast F3/4 and Penrhyn Mawr on the flood, this was the first time for Tracey and Andy. A warm up at Oyster Catcher rock, feeling the gentle current and swell, provided a super intro, getting used to body rotation, trim and stern rudders.

We then went on a journey in and out of the many rocky channels and landed for some lunch, this would also allow the fastest flow of water to pass, as it was looking fairly big and confused.

We paddled through the inner shoot and took the eddy on the right and moved across closer to the mainland and worked the smaller inner channels, looking at SPANGLE, speed and angle, for ferry glides and eddy turns. Soon Andy was setting his own tasks and Tracey was gaining more confidence.
The last 40 minutes before slack water, we moved out into the initial shoot we had paddled down. This was open to more swell, had steeper waves and was nosier, but soon both Tracey and Andy, were crossing this flow and then ridding the waves back to the top. A super day with a lot achieved.

Sea kayaking courses, Anglesey, North Wales

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