Saturday, 1 June 2013

1st June, Day 21 Ireland Circumnavigation and Happy Birthday to me!

It was a struggle getting out of my sleeping bag this morning and there was a cold wind funnelling up our valley. The entrance to our cove had surf blocking the exit and the wind was stronger than yesterday. 2-3 metres of swell rolled through as we passed another arch or cave from a distance. We landed on Mutton Island for a break unsure if we would get another. We noticed two people on the beach and then a kayak. It was Jane and Andy Morton who are paddling around the UK. They are camping on the island and invited us over for a brew. After lunch and a good lemon cake from Justine and Barry we talked through our options. With it also being a Bank Holiday places were likely to be busy plus the cliffs of Moher could be very exciting! We stayed!


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