Sunday, 23 June 2013

Day 42 Ireland Circumnavigation Sat 22nd June

Due to the previous days forecast of S F4 gusting F6 (making a headwind) we thought the day would be a rest day. I was the last one up at sometime after 8am and Justine was making a brew.

We chatted and decided to have breakfast first and then go and look at the conditions. We had a top breakfast and lovely homemade bread. And I indulged myself with 2 mugs of coffee!

It must have been 10 o clock when the three of us wandered down and as we walked across the dunes, we were surprised to see a flatter sea. There was more West in the wind and it all looked workable. We hurried back, and mentioned our change of plan. Bill used his car for 2 boats and Barry & Justine used a trolley  to transport the other. We paddled away just after 12.

We were keen to reduce the distance for Sunday, as 40 mph were forecast. We covered 18nm and were off the water at 1720. The first part of the paddle was a crosswind and as we paddled towards the skerries we had a super tailwind. From the other side it was a headwind!

The last two hours of the  day I found hard. I just couldn't get the right gear. Each time the boat came splashing down I lost speed and I worked hard to claw this back again. 

We regrouped, chatted over options and decided as we paddled into the next bay that if it was hard going we would look for the first camp. It was and we did!! Now just South of Portrane.

In bed just before 9, with a 5am up, to hopefully complete the loop. Forecast is W and then NW but gusting up to 40mph, so we will just have to see. We will at least have the whole day to work on the remaining 14nm.

 Saturday morning
Just 13nm to go to complete the loop


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