Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Day 31 Ireland Circumnavigation

A wet and windy start, F4 gusting F6.  I'd forgotten what it was like clearing away a wet tent! The next 10K of coastline was truly stunning, major tunnels, arches and rock formations. One area is called "enchanted rocks" and even in the wind and rain it was magic. We hopped across Dawros Head and had lunch on a small island. The wind had paused and was due to go West which would be good! We finally made it to Gola Island, 32nm. On our arrival a couple waved to us from a house. We later found out they were on holiday and they offered us showers and mugs of tea! We cooked our dinners and then joined Sue and Aiden for more tea! They very kindly also offered us beds for the night! Big thanks to them both for their hospitality. North coast tomorrow and Bloody Foreland Head.
 A good day to do the washing..
 Camp on the 10th June
Friday nights camp

Our hosts Sue and Aiden


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