Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Day 37 Ireland Circumnavigation

Fried eggs by Andy and rounds of toast from Justine set me up for a good breakfast! And then I was off with John to the Post Office to collect my tent pole that Sonja had posted. My boat and kit was loaded so John then dropped me off at the small ferry terminal. He then went back to collect the other 4 and two boats. We said our goodbyes and wished Jane and Andy all the best with their open crossing to Jura which they begin on Tuesday. Big thanks to John for his kindness and hospitality.

We paddled out of the harbour and headed out to the West side of Rathlin Island. There was light drizzle, no wind but cold. The North side of Rathlin was stunning, bay after bay with stacks of seabirds. We landed on the North East corner, had lunch and could hear the race running. I had a super lunch of potato cakes, hummus, cheese and peanuts. The sun began to show itself.

We paddled out into the faster water and Justine clocked over 7kn on her GPS. Happy days. We spent the next hour or so picking out the faster water which generally meant staying a way out. We landed at 17.00 after 7 hours inclusive of breaks and 31 nm. No rush in the morning as it's clear that using the tide is a great advantage!!!


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