Monday, 3 June 2013

Day 22 Ireland

We set off with Jane and Andy who we met yesterday towards the cliffs of Moher. Winds were light and we made good time. The cliffs were stunning and sea birds were everywhere. Now to cross the south channel to the Arran Islands. It started to drizzle, the wind picked up and the cloud got lower. We landed on the first of the islands with a super sandy beach and it was clear the place was busy! However all came good when we found a chip shop and I had sausage and chips and two mugs of tea!
We then crossed the channel in fog and on a bearing. It was cold, the coldest Ive been. We heard the throb of an engine and we saw a fishing trailer making its way out of the gloom. Then another....four boats in total. We crossed in good time and found a small inlet with a reasonable grassy area to camp on. That is when Jane found that her front kayak hatch was full of water! It had seeped into all of her dry bags, bedding and her clothes were wringing wet! In search of a solution they then both walked to the road, found a house, asked if they could use the washing machine and asked if they had a duvet! They did and whilst they were waiting also had showers and a can of Guinness!!!


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