Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Day 25 Ireland Circumnavigation 5th June

A few ablutions this morning with me washing my shorts and socks  as we waited for the tide before we broke camp. Jane and Andy of K2GB ended up stopping at Inishturk and Mary Jo saw them. They ended up camping in her garden, what a super lady! Our tide begins at about 11am so fried eggs for breakfast!!

We had a relaxed paddle to Achill with the tide and only had to get out once to look for the deeper channel. The flood tide flows into the Sound from both directions and just south of the bridge dries out. We managed to paddle up against the flow under the bridge and found a slipway. Into the supermarket over the road for a restock, rubbish binned, phones charged at the hotel and the a super Alice's burger with chips and salad when Andy and Jane arrived to join us for food.
We then paddled off together with the ebb helping us along to a rocky landing but a super grassy camp.


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