Saturday, 22 June 2013

Day 41 Ireland Circumnavigation 21st June 2013

Susana and Willy fed us very well, right up to the point of leaving, a big thanks. We paddled away at 7.30 on a calm sea. 
By midday a slight breeze had picked up, but nothing significant. By the 2nd crossing it had swung round into our faces, although still light. We pulled into Cloggerhead Harbour and Justine checked her phone, as we due to meet up with Sue for showers and food. Sue had attended a sea kayaking course I had run back in March.  

Bettystown was our destination and pick up. We were now into a F4 headwind, with no shelter. It was creating a small mushy chop, along the long sand beach. 

A car drove down the beach, it was Sue. Pointing out where to go and greeting us. A friend of hers, Billy also turned up with his car to transport the kayaks. The plan was to transport the kayaks to Bill and his wife's house, 5 minutes away and we could put our tents up. Sue would then take us to her and her husbands house for showers and food. 
We had a super meal and it was great to catch up. Rob was also there who had attended a course over a year ago and it was good to see him. Eilean who had paddled around Ireland solo previously, also joined the meal. 

Rob kindly drove us back to Bettystown, where Bill and his wife greeted us and insisted we sleep inside! We went inside to a roaring fire and a glass of wine.

    Our new camp tonight, thanks Bill for the pitch and to Sue for sorting.

    At Clogherhead harbour working out arrangements for tonight 

     Rest before our last crossing 


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