Sunday, 23 June 2013

Ireland Circumnavigation Complete!!

After a good nights sleep, early to bed and refueled, 5am felt OK. Our camp had been well sheltered. We were prompt at  packing and clearing up. The first part of our journey was S with a cross/tail wind. When we could see the Sound between Howth and Ireland's Eye (small island) we turned for a downwind run. 

It was F5 gusting up to F7, so it was a sporting ride. I was keen to make the most of it and at the same time not over do it as I would need plenty of energy!

The back of the headland was well protected and birds drifted about in rafts. We snacked and I for one didn't want to think about the next headland. Rounding it would put us into a headwind!  Heading west from Drumleck was physicall the toughest part of the whole trip for me. No shelter and the full force of a hungry wind. We landed briefly in a spit of land to snack. We had seen a couple of ferries leave, and I kept a good eye on both directions as I crossed Dublin bay. 

One last run kind of downwind and we were back at the start, 6 hours from waking. Dez and Sonja from deep blue sea kayaking, we're waiting on the harbour wall, flashing their headlights and honking their horn. 

Coffee and a Whiskey welcome, then back to their house for a fry up and showers. Our ferry  back to North Wales leaves on Monday, so a couple of pints of the dark stuff tonight ...

It's been a magic journey, which could be called the hospitality tour of Ireland. I'm sure I will be back ...


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  1. Hi Roger,

    Congratulations!! It was great to paddle with you guys last week, thanks. See you on Anglesey some time soon! Good luck with the transition back into work ... and best wishes.

    Will Brown