Sunday, 16 June 2013

Day 36 Ireland Circumnavigation Sunday 16th June 2013

A bacon butty is a good way to start my day and John had a pot of coffee going..happy days!
It is nice to slow down, the first time since my allergic reaction earlier in the week. I still woke at 6am but snoozed until 8am!
John kindly dropped us into town to shop while Andy started on a major repair to the Aleut. John took our food back in his car and some lunch for Andy.
A good lunch of fish and chips, and ice cream and a walk to look for a pub. A Guinness later we walked back to Johns, it felt good to stretch my legs.  A group prepared Shepherds Pie is for dinner before an early night for me.
John having been a postman has offered to go in early to collect my tent pole. This will be a great help as we can then make the most of the day. At the moment the plan is to out to Rathlin Island and ideally go around the outside on our way to Fairhead and our paddle South.


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