Saturday, 15 June 2013

Day 34 Ireland 14th June 2013

We had a nice relaxed start after our later night and headed along the coast rock hopping and paddling down channels. We stopped at the headland to explore and discuss options and after speaking to Adrian last night we headed for Portrush, keeping well out to avoid the firing range!! We could use the wind to begin with but the last hour was into a F4 headwind. Squally showers pushed through and the colours and the light were fantastic. We worked our way along the coast to the Giants Causeway. The first bay was disappointing but as we rounded the corner, the cliffs with Basalt columns rose out of the ground and were stunning. Another squall hit us, darker and stronger and heads down we paddled on looking for a small Bothy. It was locked! Justine texted and phoned a couple of result! We put our tents up, cooked food and then....someone came walking down the hill with a key! He had seen the location of the SPOT and wondered if we needed a Bothy!
To Ballycastle tomorrow and a day or so of rest. Jane and Andy will then leave us at some point as they paddle on towards Scotland. (We saw Jura today!)

Susan and Aiden on Gola, with Jane and Andy Morton, Justine and Barry.


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