Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Day 38 Ireland Circumnavigation

The tide was against us for the best part of the morning, so it was a relaxed start and then keeping close to the shore. We worked our way round to Ballygally for lunch and as it happened a well stocked shop was selling ice creams ...fantastic!
The day had started warm, but a cool breeze had arrived and I'd got a little to cool padding in shorts and a thermal t shirt!
We headed out onto the flow, the wind had picked up to a f3.... yep a head wind! Light but in my face! We passed Larne and a big ferry went out of the bay ahead of us. 
We headed on and soon we were crossing Belfast Lough. After 3 big ferries, a container ship and a yacht we were across. The yacht and one ferry is all we had to wait for .. We headed on towards Copeland Island and loads of sea birds greeted us. Barry went ashore and quickly came back. The gulls had taken to the air and their fluffy chicks were running around. We headed on to the bay. On arrival we were greated by private island signs, no camping .. We were disappointed, but I guess being so close to Belfast, to protect the Island rules are needed. 
We headed across Copeland Sound and found a super small area of grass just above the beach and behind some houses. We are now just North of Donaghadee.

Looking forward to bed now ..

 Crossing Belfast Lough
This mornings camp


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